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The UK Strokes. UK's answer to the NYC sound of the Noughties

Hailing from the lively music scene of the United Kingdom, The UK Strokes are a revered tribute band dedicated to honoring the groundbreaking indie rock sensations, The Strokes. With their roots deeply embedded in a shared love for The Strokes' music, this talented ensemble delivers dynamic performances that encapsulate the essence and vitality of the iconic band. Renowned for their authentic renditions and infectious energy onstage, The UK Strokes transport audiences on a nostalgic journey through The Strokes' greatest hits. Captivating fans across the UK, their passion for recreating the unmistakable sound and spirit of The Strokes continues to make waves, ensuring that the legacy of this legendary band lives on through their exhilarating live shows.



  • The UK Strokes. Definitive Strokes Tribute
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